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HappySun is the new app that will change your sunbathing experience forever.

Too many people expose their skin to the sun without understand just how harmful its UV rays can be.

HappySun is a free app that protects you from those dangerous rays. It uses satellite data to measure the UV dose where you are and then gives you personal tanning advice based on your skin type. HappySun provides a safe sunbathing experience.


Discover your skin type

Find the best suntan lotion for you

Check UV rays

Measure how strong the sun’s rays are and get up-to-the minute information on how much radiation your skin is absorbing.

Never burn again

The timer warns you when to get out of the sun.


HappySun’s advice takes into account what factor lotion you’re wearing.


Your phone’s GPS finds your location so that tanning advice is tailored to where you are.

Skin type

Answer 10 simple questions to find out how your skin reacts to the sun.

UV Index

Our exclusive satellite technology gives you up-to-the-minute information on the amount of UV rays at your location.

UV dose

The app measures the amount of ultraviolet rays your body absorbs and alerts you when it’s time to move out of the sun.

Sun Exposure time

The app gives you personal tanning advice based on your location, your skin type, the weather and many more personal factors.


HappySun advices you how to look after your skin in the sun, including the best suntan lotion and where your nearest chemist is.


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